Monday, April 12, 2010

lazy bachelor's cookbook - frozen chicken fried steak

Konban wa!

One of my worst grocery shopping qualities is my tendency to impulse buy foodstuffs I think will be convenient as this often goes hand in hand with bad for you. Maybe you'd like to know what a lazy, busy bachelor feeds himself these days. Between working full time, my Mandarin class, family, friends, and trying to hit up all the bright spots in the atx music scene, I occasionally have to go home and strap on the ol' feedbag.

I recently caught sight of HEB's "Country Fried Steak" (shaped chopped beef fritters) and said to myself, "I could finally use the year old packet of country gravy in the pantry on those." Here are the results of my "culinary" experiment.

Being much too lazy from a debauched weekend and de-energized by studying still undone, I threw the pre-cooked "fritters" in the stove. My original intent was to serve with gravy, garlic mashed potatoes, and a nice side salad. Alas, I didn't feel like mashing potatoes or cutting up fixin's. Instead I relied on that reliable staple of bachelors to round out the meal: mac n cheese.

The "country fried steak" wasn't inedible. By no means was it great. If I were to rate such things on a numeric scale I would give it a 3 for taste : to ease of making in a hurry. If I had paired it with a salad and mashed potatoes, I might have even gotten away with serving it to somebody without feeling like a total lazy ass. Still lazy but at least some greens would adorn the plate, giving the momentary illusion of a pseudo-balanced meal.

Maybe there will be future posts in this series. Maybe not. As the title says, I am a lazy bachelor.