Wednesday, April 1, 2009

30 Days of Write, 1 April

Once upon a time in high school, I was a prolific fiction writer for public consumption. At the age of 4, I regularly cranked out 100-200 word tales of dinosaurs on a Xerox memorywriter my dad "borrowed" from work. My teenage years found me taking short stories about vampires and revenge killings in fantasy settings to regionals in the Reflections contest and even winning national recognition in the NCTE contest, complete with a letter of congratulations from Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Although my interests have changed as I've matured, I still love the printed word. Adult responsibilities (and irresponsibilities) have unfortunately constrained the time I devote to committing my love to the page or screen over the years. This 30 day project will help me bracket off a small part of each day for my primal and sensual relationship to language.


  1. that was lovely. and yeah, i saw that you finished your paper-congrats!

    p.s. your story sounds a little like Steven King's. Have you read his writing memoir? it's excellent

  2. Wonderful! Can't wait to read your stuff

  3. I haven't read King's memoir but I've heard good things about it from friends.

    Cheers all! Looking forward to conspiring with you to keep us motivated for the next 30 days.

  4. one word came to mind after reading your blog: sexy, not sure why i thought that but after reading your blog i thought of the scene in the remake of Ocean 11. It's when they are loading up the money in the vault and Saul- the older gentleman says, "that is the sexiest thing i've ever seen"... something like that.

    point is your words and words in general can be the sexiest thing i think. whether they are spoken or written, a thought expressed that makes a connection with another, is that great encounter i look forward to in life.

  5. I wholeheartedly agree. Maybe that's why strip clubs are such a big turn off. Sure, a peek at sights unseen can momentarily thrill but only words seduce me. Like threads, language infiltrates my skin, takes root in my soul, binds me up. A glance, a smile, a touch, for me they're just not enough. Do you know you have the power to move me to and fro simply when you speak?

    Or something like that. I find it difficult to be attracted to a woman before she opens her mouth. Does anybody else have that problem?