Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BSS broadcast live show from Terminal 5 via youtube 1/19/11

A few comments about the live broadcast of Canadian post-rock supergroup Broken Social Scene's live streaming broadcast on youtube last night...

I won't recount the setlist, partially because I think the band posted it last night after the show. They led off with World Sick, the major single from last year's Forgiveness Rock Record. It's an unsurprising move for established bands to dispense with "the song" at the beginning of the set to appease new fans and get people generally excited before moving deeper into the catalogue.

The band played several of my favorite cuts off the new record, including Texico Bitches, All in All, and Sweetest Kill (dedicated to "the oblivious ones"), as well as some old favorites like Cause = Time and Canada vs. America, introduced as being reintroduced into the tour rotation in response to the recent explosion of the Tea Party movement here in America. Lisa Lobsinger, Andrew Whiteman's wife Ariel, and either Jen Turner or Kristina Lieberson of Here We Go Magic (I was too busy trying to read for law school classes to look up and catch which) all contributed to Anthems for a 17 Year Old Girl. And darling of early 2000s indie films, Lover's Spit, also made it into the set.

Overall, the production, both video and audio, were very good. I'm not sure if youtube plans to make the video available or if this was a live-broadcast only kind of deal. Either way, lots of fun for my ears.

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