Thursday, February 24, 2011

I don't get it...

Apparently there's a new meme circulating in certain corners of the internet; the geeky, video-game obsessed corners. The trailer for Dead Island has become the gold standard for "difficult to watch" clips.

This week's episode of The Escapist's webseries Extra Credits criticizes EA's recent marketing campaigns as not advancing the image of video games as more than mere "kids play" or for adult men amidst arrested development. After taking EA to task for its recent marketing flubs and not living up to its initial promises to be a company dedicated to "electronic artists" pushing the boundaries of computer interaction, the episode wraps up by saying "There. Now the Dead Island trailer isn't the most depressing thing you've seen this week."

A forum reply to the trailer for We Dare, a new Wii title collecting "adult themed" minigames (but only rated for 12 and up for "mild sexual references), described the game's ad as "almost more painful to sit through then [sic] the Dead Island trailer."

What I haven't quite ferreted out yet is whether these and similar comments are aimed at the style of the video itself, with its slow motion cuts and reverse chronological ordering all Memento style, or its substance, more or less tracing the death arc of a young girl on a tropical vacation with her parents. Are they art crit comments or  sympathetic hearts? Or both? I guess only time will tell as this meme develops. Just ask Antoine Dodson. Until next time... stay double rainbow.

Here's the official Dead Island trailer.

Here's the Backwards-Forwards trailer. It reassembles the Dead Island trailer into roughly chronological order.

Here's the so-called LITERAL* trailer. In bad taste? You make the call!

* literal is another internet meme in which people sing about quite literally what's going on onscreen. I first became aware of it in the context of the Total Eclipse of the Heart video. This may or may not have any relation to the MadTV sketch seen [HERE] and [HERE] and [HERE].

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