Monday, March 14, 2011

the earl of doom

I received an email from the EARL at 3:08 this afternoon (wait, doesn't this sound familiar) informing me that the Love Language will be pulling out of tonight's performance "due to the lead singer losing his voice." Instead of issuing a blanket refund to ticket holders, the venue will go forward with just the opener Richard Parsons and will headline Telekinesis! Those who want a refund need to call 877-725-8849 before 6pm EST to request it.

Now I know we can't expect Deerhunter to swoop in for a second impromptu set (thanks again guys for a killer show last night), but damn, two nights in a row the headliner at the EARL pulls out because of health issues. Is the place cursed? Should I worry about my health? Or are these sudden "health problems" really just a case of SXSW fever?

Whatever. Music fans of Atlanta should still make it out tonight. Telekinesis! will put on one helluva show. And it just means you'll get home a little earlier on a Monday night so you aren't as cranky tomorrow at your 8am class or job.

For a limited time you can still stream Telekinesis! latest LP, 12 Desperate Straight Lines, at Merge Records website.

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