Tuesday, March 8, 2011

miley cyrus said what said what?

saturday night live used to be funny. i flocked to madtv once upon a time because the sketches were racier, shorter (so a groaner didn't torture you as long), and, well, funnier than the crap lorne michaels was throwing at us. i mean, seriously, a night at the roxbury movie? that weird girl who smells her armpits on her fingers? (i am alone in enjoying "the ladies man," however.) the only thing during those sad, sad years guaranteed to elicit a guffaw were the jeopardy! skits.

with the demise of madtv (vets will sasso and nicole sullivan can now be seen on the painful "bleep my dad says"), i've watched a few episodes of SNL again. the show is still pretty bad except for the weekend update, always a solid sketch even during the worst of times.

is the show trying to lure the tweens? miley cyrus and justin bieber in the same season? it's network and the sketches may not be funny but i think they're still a too adult for the hannah montana / don't stop beliebin' crowd.

which brings me to the 5 march 2011 episode. miley cyrus hosted and the strokes brought a pair of cuts i'm assuming from their upcoming album. the songs were fine but julian et al just can't seem to recapture the magic of 2001s debut "is this it?" but, surprisingly, this entry isn't a review f the strokes. it's a question about what miley said during the outro.

she gave the canned and bland thank you remarks at the end. she says "i want to thank the strokes, well they're making me but..."

what kind of dig was that at the band? was she throwing a fit because she wasn't the guest host and musical act? i've had the displeasure of seeing her on a few other interviews and the strong impression i get of miley is that she's a spoiled, entitled brat. she may not have had quite the public meltdown that former disney darlings lindsay lohan and britney spears had (yet) but... and honestly, her "scandals" don't bother me too much. mostly they seem like stunts meant to break her squeaky clean disney image; a young woman who spent her girl years in front of a camera for a notoriously controlling studio finally growing up and into her sexuality. mostly.

but why she got to say that about the musical guests? it seemed rather childish and not candidly cute or endearing to me.

UPDATE 26 Mar 2011: I noticed that the transcript for the Miley Cyrus episode has been updated to say "They're amazing to me." But that's not what Miley said. Check out the outro on Hulu before they pull it. It's crystal clear what Miley said.

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