Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what do you mean i should READ before i write a book on the subject?!

NOTE: Never got around to finishing the book. I was getting too frustrated while reading it and it was supposed to be "fun reading" away from my law casebooks. Perhaps I'll take it up again during the summer. But then again, William Gibson's newest is still sitting uncracked on my bookshelf. Here we go.

Only 15 pages in and I already have major problems with Richard Bernstein's methodology in "The East, the West, and Sex." These may be generally filed under the umbrellas of "lack of localizing and historicizing" and "shying away from confrontation with Orientalist concepts." It reads more like a travelogue still touring the "exotic" Other rather than a serious attempt at unpacking the representations undergirding the frisson between Asian and Western.

The first chapter revolves around ChinaBounder and his notorious...

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