Sunday, May 1, 2011

top 5 for the week of 2 may 2011

This week's extended "top 5" are all bands from Austin to honor my home town. I'm at home getting ready to spend the next 11 days in the hell that is journal write on. Enjoy!

1. masonic - forgiven (i originally wanted to include brand new day but the internet has systematically eliminated the awesome jennifer christen vocals and replaced it with a godawful female lead. so instead, this song from the same album, with the lovely jennifer on vox.)

Masonic - Forgiven
Found at Forgiven on

2. the gloria record - a lull in traffic

3. the octopus project - i saw the bright shinies

4. the octopus project - music is happiness

5. okkervil river - our life is not a movie or maybe

6. ghostland observatory - dancing on my grave

7. i love you but i've chosen darkness - the ghost (if you've ever heard me complain about my ex ruining my birthday present to see ilybicd, this is the album they were supporting...)

8. the impossibles - stand up, fall down, get crushed (a peek inside one of austin's best venues with for the final show of one of austin's most beloved bands nobody else has heard of)

9. the impossibles - get it + got it = good

10. explosions in the sky - greet death

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