Monday, May 23, 2011

top 5 for the week of 23 may 2011

I heard the Velvet Underground and Animal Collective playing at this little bar / coffee shop located on a boat on the Thames yesterday. Not these particular songs. I can't remember which songs I heard. I was more surprised that these American acts were playing at a mainstream-ish British bar. It was a very welcome break from the sounds of British boy bands and pop music that has been the soundtrack of my hostel stay.

1. velvet underground & nico - all tomorrow's parties

2. animal collective - what would i want? sky

3. spoon - trouble comes running (this album was available on my delta flight to London)

4. the national - england (another album available on my delta flight; plus, it's a song about England - how much more relevant can it get?)

5. brown eyed girls - abracadabra (another album available on the flight plus the best music video ever made. evah.)

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