Wednesday, September 28, 2011

simpsons! (in minecraft)

A remarkable remake of the widely recognized opening from The Simpsons. But why is Dewey Largo naked?

So far both Star Wars trilogies, Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter and Rock Band have gotten the Lego treatment from Traveller's Tales. How long until we see America's favorite yellow family[1] rendered in block form having madcap adventures?

[1] Sorry, All-American Girl. Apparently, I also need to seek out Mr. T and Tina. No, not "pity the foo" Mr. T but Pat "Mr. Miyagi used to be a cook on Happy Days" Morita. It's recognized as the first tv sitcom about an Asian American family on American TV. Query: why did all Japanese guys on TV in the 70s have the last name Takahashi? Were they all brothers or something?

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