Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the new worst movie i've ever seen

Please, please don't waste your time watching "Hooking Up", now available on Netflix streaming. It "stars" Balki, Dante from "Clerks" and the annoying Corey (Feldman) plus a lot of other unknown actors in the main roles. I wasn't expecting much. A lame "American Pie" on par with "18-Year-Old-Virgin". Instead I got 90 minutes of unfunny, misogynistic nonsense and sexual abuse by Feldman.

I get what the screenwriters were trying to do (or more likely I'm giving them too much credit). They're trying to capture the sexual sadism of adolescent boys and emotionally naïveté of teenage girls. But they fail and fail in a big way. This kind of day in the life of a high school student requires perspective, something the filmmakers sorely lack, dwelling instead in the same ignorance and inexperience of the movie's main characters.

There are elements that could work for somebody more mature than the teens whom they purport to capture (a la American Pie, Wet Hot American Summer, and others). The three guys sitting around the library table discussing and googling various deviant sex acts is a scene that many American men can relate to (me included). Whereas better movies use this kind of sexual exploration in the context of heterosexual male bonding, Hooking Up uses them to glorify as "funny" acts and ideas that can only be characterized as misogynistic.

Seagulling, as the resident perv of this trio explains, is like bukkake but the person(s) ejaculated on are unwilling participants. You lurk on an unsuspecting couple and then pop up, pop on them, flap your arms like a seagull and then run like hell.

I'll explain the relevance, eventually.

To be continued

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