Thursday, February 2, 2012

express review and coupon code

Hi folks!

Still flushed with all that Christmas cash? Need new dress clothes? You should take a look at Right now their website is offering free shipping on orders over $125. And to sweeten the pot, I'll give you the current coupon promotion code: 1029. That gives you $50 off $150 or $25 off $75. Not a bad deal.

I love express men's dress clothes. Express has chosen a more modern, European cut to their line. Unlike most men's dress shirts, the 1MX shirts are a slender, body forming fit rather than the loose, flouncy style popular with most other brands. And right now they are on sale at buy one get one half price.

Express suits are simply the best. Again, emulating the European style, their jackets are shorter and the shoulders are cut to accentuate your natural shoulder line rather than make you look like a linebacker and feel like you're carrying air bags on your shoulders. The pants are no pleats and tapered with much narrower leg openings than your typical suit pants. Overall, the suits cut a manicured, sleek impression, especially when combined with a 1MX shirt.

Right now I'm particularly fond of the photographer's cut in black. I ordered it with the above coupon (code 1029). I needed a new suit after wearing the same one 3 days in a row to the Georgia capitol. Which is a grey suit from express in the old producer cut, still available.

I may only be a legal intern but I feel confident when I wear a suit from express. I don't feel like a kid swallowed up in my dad's suit like I do in suits from other places. I know I look good and that translates into confidence, maybe even a little swagger. And swaggers an important part of the job. It reminds me that I've done the work, I've got the grades and experience, I belong here, too.

But that may just be my fashion bias. I like to look polished, tight and angular. It fits my slender body shape well. And after talking to a few young ladies, I know they appreciate the look, too.

No, this wasn't paid for or sponsored by express. I just wanted to let you know their are alternatives if you're tired of the same old American cut. These shirts and suits will definitely make you stand out in the crowd of black and navy jacket'd associates. But YMMV.

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