Monday, April 6, 2009

30 Days of Write, 6 April

I count to fifteen
Dammit that's sudoku, right
What's senryu again, please


I see Mexico
Make me drug czar now, Barack
No Palin' around


New boss tomorrow
Clean up your desk to impress
Then I won't wear noose


  1. I loved these.
    Very clever of you.
    First one was quite hilarious.

  2. the second and third were awesome!

    what made you write about those particular subjects?

  3. Haha, love them all equally. Thanks for inspiring me to write some more senryu.

  4. Poem 2 came out of reading this week's issue of Newsweek. The cover story is about whether religiousity is declining in America. It made me think about the great Pander Bear of 2008. Wanting to poke fun at the former Miss Alaska, I connected one of her many, many gaffes to the current foreign policy issue happening on my doorstep here in Texas. Voila!

    Poem 3 is 100% true. Our company is "regionalizing" so we have a new regional boss who works out of San Antonio. Before I left work on Monday, my direct supervisor told us to clean up our desks and dress up for her visit. To be honest, I did neither :P