Monday, June 6, 2011

top 5 for the week of 6 june 2011

My good luck in London continues. My iPhone was stolen / stolen last Thursday. Don't know exactly how that happened since it was in the chest pocket of my jacket which was itself in my backpack... But I did manage to finally listen to some music in London. Not new stuff. I hauled out the old 1st gen iPod and listened to some tunes on the tube. Hadn't updated the songs on it since I got my iPhone nearly 2 years ago. These are all songs on my iPod.

1. the national - without permission

2. the ting tings - great dj

3. neon indian - deadbeat summer

4. yeasayer - i remember

5. the rushes - ripping it down

And a bonus song from the Rushes, Will You Won't You.

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